- philadelphia's loyal son of music -


Nur Ali is a product of West Philadelphia. His childhood was filled with the beat and rhythm of America's original city of R&B. A hobby. For a Period in life, Nur Ali gave up on music, due to the loss of his mother, and failed emotional heartbreaking relationships. During the time Nur Ali became a Police Officer for the City of Philadelphia to make a difference in his city. In 2014 Nur Ali decided to work his way back into music. Nur Ali would sing all over Philly at open mics. His first big break was at "Warmdaddys". When working Nur Ali would be on patrol, protecting and serving the streets of Philly. Nur Ali aka "P/O Baukman" would randomly sing with street performers and outside concerts on his "Beat" in uniform, showing that music is truly the universal language that connects all people. One day P/O Baukman pitched the idea with his Supervisors (Sgt Johnson/Cpt Gillespie) and suggested they should create something that will bring people together while working to better serve & protect our community. On May 10th, 2019 “Karaoke with a Cop” was created & founded by the 18th district in West Philadelphia at 52nd & Market, which is a very busy intersection in the heart of West Philadelphia. Nur Ali is a young talent and continues growing as an artist. Nur Ali released his first EP titled "Her type" in April 2018 and continues to slowly build his catalog of music.

- Nur Ali -